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Welcome to Lee Taylor Karate which offers expert Karate tuition for Self Defence, Self Improvement, Health & Well Being. Lee Taylor is a leading professional instructor and author with clubs at Presteigne, Rhayader & Llanidloes in the county of Powys Mid Wales.
Recognised and certified by the British Combat Karate Association Lee Taylor Karate delivers a solid realism and modern training principles leading to a full, exciting, and holistic programme of Karate for students of any age and ability

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Essential Reading for your study of the Heian Kata of Karate.
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Heian Shodan Kata & Bunkai
Click on the image to Download. This PDF on the Heian Shodan kata and bunkai is an extract from the book Heian / Pinan Kata & Bunkai - The Fundamentals.

Our Mission at Lee Taylor Karate is to :
  • guide you through the martial art of Karate at your pace

  • improve your health and fitness - mentally & physically

  • develop self protection skills
  •  supercharge your self esteem, confidence and self respect
  •  help you gain the skills, knowledge & understanding to reach black belt & beyond
  • teach, serve & inspire you whilst having FUN !